We at Kalithea Mare Palace are proud to be a sustainable accommodation, taking responsibility for our impacts on the environment, our employees and the local community including:


• Complying with the legal requirements of environmental legislation and regulation;
• Setting objectives and targets, measuring and reporting achievements;
• Protecting and enhancing all our neighbouring ecosystems;
• Preventing pollution and minimizing it by reducing the use of harmful substances;
• Using non-renewable resources like energy and water efficiently and making sure that we reduce the waste that we produce;
• Working with our suppliers to embed sustainable practices into our supply chain;
• Raising awareness of our environmental commitments with our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community, encouraging them support our activities.


• Complying with the legal requirements of employment and human rights legislation and regulation;
• Ongoing training and professional development for all our employees;
• Respecting our employees and their culture, traditions and intellectual property rights;
• Treating our employees equally, regardless of their age, disability, nationality, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender reassignment;
• Training our employees on our sustainability policies so they understand and are actively involved in the achievement of our objectives and targets;
• Allowing our employees to join a Trade Union and to meet to discuss employment related issues.

Local community

• Purchasing goods and services from local suppliers, whenever possible;
• Employing people from local community whenever possible;
• Maintaining a close relationship with our local community, ensuring that issues of their concern are discussed and resolved;
• Encouraging our employees to volunteer for activities organized by the local community;
• Making donations to local environmental or humanitarian charities and encourage our guests to support them too;
• Protecting children from all form of abuse and exploitation, ensuring our staff are trained so they know what to do if they suspect a child is at risk, in or near our property.

Sustainability Statement
Sustainability Report
Quality Assurance Policy
H&S Policy