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Mediterranean gastronomy

Traditionally, the Rodian table was rich in variety. This tradition continues until today. Gourmets from all over the world have goodreason to visit Rhodes as they have the chance to enjoy local specialties that brilliantly combine traditional and modern tastes: unforgettable delicate flavours, fresh fish and seafood, original fresh salads, magnificent meat dishes as well as the wide range of sweets and desserts made mainly of cereals, olive oil, nuts, fruits, honey and herbs.

At this crossroad of civilizations, the local cuisine has acquired elements from the three continents that surround the island. It has borrowed from Asia, Africa and Europe but is above all Mediterranean. These various elements were selected, filtered and finally re-invented with a very distinct local character.

Original ingredients and count less luscious combinations make Greek cuisine unique the world over with dishes that echoe the beauty of the country itself. Full of changes and pleasant surprises Greek gastronomy wins a place at the top of contemporary world gastronomies!


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